Terms of Use for Students

Last updated March 2021

Please read the following important terms carefully.

If there is anything in these terms that you do not understand or are unsure about, you should ask a trusted adult for help. If you have any questions, get in touch with us at info@upskillme.io.

You must be at least 13 years old and live in the UK to use Upskill Me.

If you do not agree to these terms, do not sign up to Upskill Me.

About Upskill Me

Upskill Me is an online platform allowing students aged 13 and over to develop, record and showcase their skills to universities and employers.

It will allow you to record, track and reflect on your achievements skills growth. It will also give you access to information about work experience, career events, learning opportunities and resources.


We are Upskill Global Limited. We are the company operating the Upskill Me platform. The best way to contact us is by email at info@upskillme.io or by using the ‘Get in touch’ buttons in Upskill Me. Our postal address is: Floor 3, 6-8 Bonhill St, Shoreditch, London EC2A 4BX.

If we need to contact you, we will do so using your school email or the telephone number we hold for you on your Upskill Me account


These Terms of Use apply to your use of Upskill Me. They set out the rules you must observe when using Upskill Me. They also provide you with information about Upskill Me and set out what you can expect from us. It is important that you read them carefully.

If you do not accept these Terms of Use, you will not be able to sign up to Upskill Me. If you break these Terms of Use, we may temporarily or permanently disable your Upskill Me account.

We may update these Terms of Use from time to time but we will always let you know in advance.

3. WHO CAN JOIN Upskill Me

Currently, only students aged 13 or over from schools in the UK can join Upskill Me.

You can check if your school can participate in our programme by searching for their name on our sign up page. If you cannot find your school and are still interested in using Upskill Me, please get in touch with us.

4. YOUR Upskill Me ACCOUNT

You must sign up for an Upskill Me account on our website to use Upskill Me. You can either do that by following the link in the invitation sent to you by your teacher, or by visiting our website and selecting your school on our online registration form. You may only create one Upskill Me account.

You will need to complete the registration form, choose your password and accept these Terms of Use. You must provide accurate information (for example, not use fake information).

You must choose a strong password. You must keep your Upskill Me account and password secure. You must not give access to your Upskill Me account or password to anyone except your parents or guardians. If you think that anyone else has accessed your Upskill Me account or knows your password, let us know as soon as possible. We will never ask you for your password when emailing or texting you. Learn more

A strong password:

  • doesn't include any information that can be easily guessed, for example your name or the word ‘Password’
  • has at least 8 characters
  • has a mixture or both uppercase and lowercase letters
  • includes letters and numbers
  • includes at least one special character, for example, ! @ * [ #?


When signing up for and using Upskill Me, you will be providing us with information about you. For example, your name, contact details, age, subjects studied, achievements, skills, goals, and interests.

Some of that information is necessary, as without it we cannot enable you to use Upskill Me. Other information is optional and you can decide how much to provide and share with universities and employers.

Please read our Privacy Notice for Students. It explains what personal data about you we will collect and how we will use it. It also sets out what data protection rights you have. If that notice is too basic for you, you can learn more by reading our full Data Protection Statement and Privacy Notice.


We will provide you with free of charge access to Upskill Me and its student user features. Upskill Me comes in two versions:

  • Basic, for students aged 13-15
  • Advanced, for students aged 16 and over

Learn more

No matter how old you are, you can use Upskill Me to record your achievements, qualifications and interests. You can set and track your goals, earn points and badges, and access e-learning resources. You will also receive from us information about work experience, career events and other opportunities at the universities and employers we work with.

You will have the choice to join the employer talent pool available on Upskill Me. You can also create your public employment profile and use it to showcase your qualifications and achievements and to apply for work experience and other career opportunities using Upskill Me.

You may use Upskill Me as permitted in these Terms of Use. You can use it for your own educational and self-development purposes but not for any other purpose.


We want Upskill Me to be safe and secure for everyone using it. Therefore, you and everyone else using Upskill Me must not do anything that can harm other Upskill Me users or their computer systems, the Upskill Me platform or our business.

You must also not permit anyone else to breach these rules, for example by giving them access to your Upskill Me account.

When using Upskill Me:

  • You must follow the community rules in section 8 below.
  • You must not do anything that is unlawful.
  • You must not use someone else’s personal information without their permission. For example, you must ask your referee for permission before putting their details on your CV.
  • You must not copy someone else’s work without their permission. For example, don’t upload to Upskill Me pictures or videos taken by someone else unless you have their permission.
  • You must not access or attempt to access any data you do not have permission to access. For example, don’t try hacking into our systems.
  • You must not upload any viruses or do anything else that could disable or disrupt the security or the proper working of Upskill Me, our website, network or equipment.
  • You must not access or collect any data from Upskill Me or our website using automated means. Don’t use bots or scrape data from our website.
  • You must not reproduce, duplicate or copy any part of Upskill Me or our website.

We may block your access to Upskill Me if you breach these rules.


These rules apply to anything you post, enter or upload to Upskill Me. We will call this ‘your content’. In short, you must not do anything that is harmful, inappropriate or illegal. This includes the types of things that are listed below.

Your content must:

  • be accurate and not be misleading or deceptive (for example, impersonate another person or be fake)
  • not be inappropriate (for example, rude, abusive, offensive, disruptive or hateful)
  • not insult, bully, intimidate or humiliate any person
  • not harm or put any children at risk
  • not be illegal or encourage or glamourise illegal activity (for example, violence)
  • not be discriminatory or promote discrimination (for example based on race, gender, disability, religion)
  • not damage someone’s reputation
  • not link to content that breaches these community rules
  • not contain spam, unwanted or viral advertising 

We may remove anything that doesn’t comply with these rules.


The use of internet is never completely secure. You need to protect yourself by appropriate configuration of your computer or mobile device, updating your system and software and using anti-virus software. Ask your parents or guardians for help.

We will use reasonable skill and care to keep Upskill Me available, safe, secure and error-free but cannot promise that it will always be the case. For example, it may become temporarily unavailable for maintenance, repairs, updates, upgrades, or due to network or equipment failures.

From time to time, we may automatically update Upskill Me to improve performance, enhance functionality, reflect changes to the operating system, address security issues or implement new versions.


If we consider that you have breached any rules set out in these Terms of Use, we may take such action as we think appropriate. For example, we may:

  • send you a warning
  • remove your content
  • temporarily or permanently block your access to Upskill Me
  • if your breach is very serious, take legal action against you or your parent or guardian.