How it works for employers

How it works for employers

Advertise your company's opportunities through our platform and connect with interested students at an early stage. Establish a solid relationship with students who you think would be an asset to your company, so when you’re hiring new talent, you know where to find it.

What are the benefits?

Build awareness of your industry

Demystify your industry and inspire students to consider a career in your sector before they make key decisions, such as subject choices and UCAS applications

Develop a talent pipeline

Build a pipeline of your ideal students and improve recruitment from a wide range of schools, all in one place

Advertise your opportunities

Increase applications and awareness from thousands of students at the touch of a button, saving time and money

Improve diversity

Engage with a diverse pool of talent and encourage students from all backgrounds to apply for your career or education opportunities

Hire for potential

Create targeted campaigns to find your ideal students, taking into account their evidenced skills, achievements and interests

Connect directly with your target audience

Improve engagement rates by connecting directly with the students that are interested in your opportunities

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