How Upskill Me works

To keep up with our rapidly changing world, students need to connect with employers early, and build critical skills like problem-solving, teamwork and creativity.

With Upskill Me, young people can track their skill development through earning badges. To support their development further, they can connect with employers and go to events to find job and work experience opportunities. The platform also serves as a record of achievement students have gained and experiences they’re proud of - both in and out of school. So when they’re applying for jobs and further education, they’ve got everything they need. It’s all in one place.

What are the benefits?

Build a digital record of achievement.

Students can record awards won and projects they’re proud of. They can add certificates, photos and reflections to keep track of key achievements.

Build and keep track of skills

Students can develop essential skills through our online courses, and track their development through earning points and badges, and climbing levels

Discover work experience

Students are connected with opportunities from employers, organisations and more

Build a future

Upskill Me shares careers advice, training and support to help students go further

Strengthen CVs and UCAS statements

Each student’s profile is a digital record of achievement, making applications a little bit easier

Boost employability

Develop the key skills employers are looking for. The more time students spend on skills development, the more employable they’ll become

Support for teachers and schools

We’ve built easy-to-use analytical tools and resources for teachers to help support their students

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Teachers and Educators. We can help measure, demonstrate and improve the growth of your students skills.

Companies We can support promoting your opportunities and connecting you to early talent.